New years

Happy New year everyone! ūüôā

Today is meant to be the day where you start fresh and make all those resolutions you swear that you will complete(  for me it usually lasts less than a day ).

We’re all meant to try and forget the past year and move on to a ‘better year’ to come.¬†Sometimes this is a lot harder than it seems though and there are¬†certain memories or events that we can’t or don’t want to forget. 2013 had its ups and downs for me and I have learnt a lot about myself and others, especially about¬†friends and how quickly people can change and become something you’d never hoped they’d be. I really do hope that 2014 will be the best year yet for all those people who strongly battled through last year and that better things are to come.



Favourite bands

As a first post I thought I’d just share with you guys a few of my favourite bands I’ve been enjoying listening to.

>Panic at the Disco: My sister introduced this band to me and I have to say I absolutely love their music. I was also lucky enough to have seen them in concert in November. There was only one word to describe that……….amazing!Image¬†¬†

>:New politics: I first heard about them through the Panic at the Disco concert where they where supporting. I like every song on their new album Harlem.

> Imagine Dragons: I really love this bands music, its quite unique and easy to listen to.I was also lucky enough to see these guys only a few days after Panic. They were brilliant too, the atmosphere was amazing especially during Radioactive.Image( so glad we got a very good view at this concert)

> Deaf Havana: I’ve only just recently started listening to this band and found them through the spotify discover page ( have to say it can be quite useful to listen to artists and band you may never have heard of before). My favourite songs from them are’ Everybody’s dancing and I just wanna die’ and ‘Kings road ghosts’

>Fall out boy: This also is a band I’ve just started listening to and really love their new album.


A few others briefly:

> Paramore

>The Pretty Reckless

>Atlas Genius


Comment below any bands/artists you’ve been enjoying listening to lately ūüôā